We are a fine arts printing, copy and website design service.

We cater to Photographers, Painters and any consumer who wants better print output of their work.

Photographers that want the best gallery quality print output of there photography, using the finest materials and longest lasting inks can use our customer portal to order prints from 8×10 sizes up to 24×36 sizes on a number of quality papers. See our Print Order page for details.

We also offer in-house image adjusting and proofing for photographers that would like an image file enhanced and tested to it’s best potential by our experienced in-house digital artist.

Painters that want a high resolution, color-corrected digital master made of their work can contact us and we will photograph your artwork in our studio and prepare your file for Edition/Open printing as well as create a smaller file for website and promotional purposes. We will archive your Master on CD or FlashDrive as well as keep a copy in our Cloud archive for later printing.

We will work with Painters and Photographers that would like their work printed in Open Print Editions or Registered Edition formats. We keep track and label all editions. We can also drop ship orders to customers who have ordered your work as well as setup your website for commerce and selling your work from our website or ours.

Consumers that wish to have artist quality printing can also use our services simply by using our Print Order page. Fine quality images can be made from almost any digital camera or smartphone these days. We can assure you our printing is better than national online services & drugstore photos.

Metal Prints are in big demand and we now offer the best metal prints as well as paper and canvas prints in the photography market.

Website Design and hosting has become a large part of our market since many artists and photographers need to integrate a place to showcase their work as well as a trusted and personal graphic printer service to support and supply the output of their fine art prints. At Cottage Journal we feel we are that partner. We understand artists, photographers and any consumers that just want better output than they have found in larger, less personal choices in the photography printing market.

Give us a try,
David Alexander
Cottage Journal